Retreat Experiences

Anyone can meditate in a rainforest.

So a lot of our work focuses on helping you get back to being mindful, flexible and free amongst the busyness of day to day life in Dubai.

But sometimes we do really need to get away and meditate in that rainforest. Or in that desert, on that beach, in those mountains or by that lake.

We carefully design one day, two day and multi day retreats so you can get the time to go deep, recharge and strengthen your skills and connection to your transcendent self.

We are pretty creative about how and where this can happen and are always on the lookout for unique locations to go practice being more aware, open and engaged.

Growth Zone Day Retreats


Hiking, surfing, horse riding, tree tops rope courses. Just some of the activities that can help us contact feelings like fear, uncertainty, insecurity, loss of control and lack of ability. For some, activities such as these are firmly in the growth zone. In this zone we gain direct access to the feelings we want to get steady with. The ones which tend to unseat us regularly in day to day life and get us avoidant and seeking control. On these adventures we support you to stay in the growth zone and allow these feelings, to work with them directly (not intellectually) in real time using mindfulness and ACT skills. When we can step into our growth zone and hold steady we expand and cultivate qualities such as bravery, surrender, trust and faith. The Free Spirit Project runs half day and full day growth zone experiences. For more information about what’s coming up call Briar on 0563898352 or Natalia on 0504578912.

Comfort Zone Day Retreats

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It greatly supports us - our health, our relationships, our creativity - to take regular time out, mini breaks, from our normal, busy routines. From our striving, achieving and growth. Comfort zone experiences are day long and half day long retreats focusing on the cultivation of self-compassion, the restoration of the nervous system, enhancing creativity and taking time to exhale – to deeply reflect and go inside. For some, such experiences are actually growth zone challenges, but for many just stopping and being allowed to put down all the trying and doing is deeply comforting and replenishing. To find out what comfort zone experiences we have planned call Briar on 0563898352 or Natalia on 0504578912.

Multi-day Retreats

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Meditation, yoga for emotional balance, individual training sessions, writing workshops, hiking, surfing, ACT workshops, healing body work, time to connect with nature and with yourself. Our retreats are carefully designed experiences that aim to help bring you back into balance - health, creativity and connection to your transcendent self. For 2018/2019, several local UAE retreats are planned. Message Briar on 0563898352 or email for more details.

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