Books for Parents

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The Complete Secrets of Happy Children

Steve Biddulph

Australian Steve Biddulph wrote the classic ‘Raising Boys’ which is also great. This is a newer offering, again offering simple, practical and down to earth ways to navigate the most challenging job of all of them – parenting.

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Psychologist and family counselor Steve Biddulph has been hailed as a "childhood guru" (The Guardian) and a "publishing phenomenon" (the Times, London), and this is his landmark book, the foundation for his major international reputation. With unparalleled clarity, common sense, and warmth, The Secret of Happy Children instructs all parents about parent-child communication from babyhood to teens. It gives parents confidence to be more themselves as parents—stronger, more loving, more definite, more relaxed. Biddulph reveals what is really happening inside kids' minds and what to do about it. He covers a wide variety of issues important to a child's—and a parent's—happiness, including stopping tantrums before they begin, curing shyness, the link between food and behavior, and much more. Parents will find themselves letting go of old, negative approaches and freeing up more energy to enjoy their kids and their own lives.

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The Conscious Parent

Shefali Tsabary

(review by Yasmine Beydoun)

This book turns parenting on its head and focuses on the parent, You. Dr. Shefali has a "revolutionary" approach (to quote Oprah) and dives deep into the reasons and issues behind your relationship with your child. She asks the pertinent questions about our unconscious approach to top-down parenting style while coaching us and unravelling the possibility of a different connection. We open up our consciousness and even more amazing, our hearts to a new dawn in awakening in parenting.