The Free Spirit Project Podcast Series 


Welcome to our Podcast - The Meaning of Mindful

We’ll be exploring mindfulness, meditation practice and living conscious and vital in this series. Discussions, interviews and other shenanigans to follow…

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Mindfulness Misconceptions

Dom & Briar explore the misunderstandings that are common for people when exploring mindfulness practice.

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The Mind

Dom & Briar begin discussing the mind - what it is, what it does, what it’s for and how to begin to work with it.

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The Mind & Brain - Exploring Contemplative Neuroscience

Dom & Briar discuss some of the credible scientific studies of meditation and their use and relevance for the everyday meditator.

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Dom & Briar begin discussing the main emotional challenges that often bring people to mindfulness practice in the first place. Today they talk about fear: what it is, where it comes from and how we can develop a better relationship with it.


Mindfulness in Sport

Dom shares his experience of mindfulness training with sports people - from novices to pros. We explore what’s going on when elite sports people are in the ‘zone’, experiencing coherence between mind, body & emotions - and how this frees them to be their best.



What is it? Why is it? How can we step out of the fight with the mind? We explore how we can work with awareness and attention so we don’t get so regularly caught up in our thought storms.