Briar Jacques

Founder; Mindfulness Trainer; ACT Trainer

Briar is an Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) Trainer, Mindfulness Trainer and Yoga Therapist. Her work focuses on helping people build and sustain a kind and compassionate relationship with themselves, so they can grow and transform and contribute more to their community in values driven, creative ways.

Originally from Australia, Briar has been in Dubai for four years working with individuals and groups on a wide range of psychological and emotional issues. Prior to this, she was in Vietnam for six years where she worked in a hospital and with an NGO (Education for Development), again with individuals and groups and also with a focus on mindfulness and ACT training.

In Australia, Briar started Brisbane’s first certified organic farmers market, the Northey Street Organic Market. This came out of a strong desire to build a community of like-minded individuals and connect farmers directly with families, so fresh organic food could be made affordable for all. Briar’s areas of specialization are stress, low mood and anxiety management through mindfulness and ACT and helping people achieve vitality and purpose through working with their bodies, minds, emotions and spirituality. She runs two eight-week Mindfulness and ACT group courses (‘Mindfulness Foundations’ and ‘Deepen Your Practice’) and also facilitates the six-week ‘Embody Compassion’ course—using mindfulness practice and ACT to develop kind and healthy relationships with body, food, ageing.

Qualifications: (Australia)

· Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling, Psychology & Sociology)

· Masters in Counselling Psychology

· Yoga and meditation teacher since 2002

- Doctorate in Psychology (in process)

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Dominic Watts

Manager - Mindful Schools Program; Mindfulness Trainer; Holistic Tuition

Dom is a Mentoring Consultant for Gabbitas Education and a Mindfulness Trainer & Tutor for The Free Spirit Project. He heads our Mindful Schools Program, through which we help the teachers, students and parents of the school community to properly embrace Mindfulness practice to benefit them personally, socially, academically and as families. Dom has been studying Mindfulness and personal transformation since the age of 15, when he was at school under the guidance of Chris Cullen, who started the Mindfulness in Schools Project in the UK. He always sought to apply Mindfulness in the classroom in his previous work as a teacher and has taught workshops and courses of Mindfulness in schools to children (ranging from 4-18), teachers and parents for 5 years. In the UK, Dom also worked for the British Tennis Association as a Sports Psychologist, creating a Mindfulness-based program for a player in Britain’s top 5.

Dom’s work focuses on helping others to flourish in their lives by seeking to understand themselves and their way of being in the world. He uses simple, enjoyable and direct inquiry to teach Mindfulness to people of all ages. He has a relaxed but dynamic teaching style which allows difficult topics to be explored in a lighthearted and open way, which allows people of all ages and backgrounds to feel comfortable in his groups. Dom runs the 8-week ‘Mindfulness Foundations’ course, as well as the other 8-week offerings - ‘Mindfulness Foundations for Teachers’, ‘Mindfulness Foundations for Kids’ and ‘Mindfulness Foundations for Young Adults’. Dom also works one-to-one with students of all ages to assist them in their academic achievement while integrating Mindfulness practice and values into their daily lives.

Qualifications: (UK)

· Bachelor of Science (Psychology & Philosophy)

· Postgraduate Certificate in Education

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