Individual Mindfulness & ACT Training

All inquiries for individual training are responded to with a phone assessment to discuss the best approach and way forward

Sessions are offered in different locations, and in different ways, depending on the concerns, values and context of the client. It is important to tailor the training, so we are working in an effective way that best supports healing and growth

Sometimes, it may better serve a person to be referred to a psychology clinic. We have great relationships with several excellent clinical psychologists when a referral is appropriate

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Individual Mindfulness & ACT Training @ The Free Spirit Project Training Space

Explore individual issues which block mindfulness and freedom in a safe, supportive, confidential space. Build meditation practice and learn to enhance the six core processes of ACT away from distractions. Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes long.


Individual Mindfulness & ACT Training Outdoors

Some people do better exploring their blocks to living mindfully, gaining insight and enhancing their life skills while moving their body in a natural outdoor setting. Sessions conducted 'side by side'—walking the beach or through a park—can be very effective for some people. An outdoor environment also provides excellent opportunities for mindfulness practice as we rehearse holding focus amongst distraction. Outdoor sessions are only conducted after some initial individual sessions in the training space and are a minimum of 90 minutes long.


Individual Mindfulness & ACT Training @ Home

Sometimes a training session at home is useful, appropriate or necessary. For some people it can really help them to take what is being learned, and the insights being generated in training, and contextualise these ideas and feelings in 'real life'. Knowing they are capable of these behaviours and thoughts in their own home can help them leap the hurdle of creating a daily practice. Home sessions can be scheduled if appropriate after some initial sessions in the training space. They are 90 minutes long.

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Mindfulness & ACT Training for Couples

This training focuses on helping couples bring mindful awareness to themselves and their relationship. The work begins with an assessment to identify key areas in the relationship for focus. Strategies for better communication, enhanced empathy and effective conflict management are all explored in depth. The ultimate aim is for couples to gain clarity on their relationship values and increase their skills, as individuals and as a team, to better live these values day to day. In service of this, couples are taught about the six core processes of psychological flexibility—defusion, acceptance, present moment focus, values clarity, committed action and self as context—and how to enhance them. Practical and proven techniques for enhancing their relationship are learned and rehearsed in a supportive space. The goal is to help couples increase their sense of freedom and creativity both as individuals and as partners. Sessions are 90 minutes long.

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