Mindfulness Foundations

This course covers the fundamentals of mindfulness practice


You will learn:        

  • What mindfulness is, and what it isn’t

  • How to meditate

  • To identify your habits of mind though observation and in light of your learning history

  • How to work with the blocks to your natural mindfulness and your blocks to practice

  • How life itself can become your mindfulness practice

  • To identify within you, and cultivate, the six core processes of mental and emotional flexibility and freedom


Eight weeks (2 hours per week class time plus home practices and readings)

Group size is kept small (eight people maximum) to ensure individual attention, a safe environment and depth of discussion

The course uses an evidenced-based curriculum format and blends this with activities from ACT to help participants develop a solid understanding and practice

Training and strengthening the ‘muscle of attention’ through meditation is central: we progress from a 10-minute meditation in Week 2 to a 40-minute meditation in Week 8

Open to men and women, 18+

New groups (morning and evening) starting first week of February, 2019

For more information and a discussion about how this course might suit you, as well as details about times and fees, please call Briar on 0563898352

Deepen Your Practice

In this course we spend another eight weeks going deeper into our ability to be mindfully aware and flexible

We explore:

  • Extended meditation practice and different meditation techniques

  • The neuroscience findings on the effects of meditation on the brain and the rest of the central nervous system

  • ·The six core processes of the ACT in depth, focusing on one each week through discussion, physical movement and experiential exercises.

We will cover:

  • Defusion – ways to enhance your mindfulness, step back from thoughts, identify old and unhelpful habits and patterns of thinking and generally lessen the over dominance of the intellect

  • Present Moment Focus – how to bring yourself more fully into your moments. We will explore advanced meditation techniques, body movement and how to habitually let in nourishing moments

  • Acceptance/Willingness – how to allow ‘hard to feel’ emotions to come and go and how to step out of the avoidance habit. Exploring how, if we are willing to feel the ‘hard to feel’ feelings, our capacity for feeling in general increases. That means being able to feel more vitality, joy and connection

  • Values Clarity – how to look at our histories and current realities and uncover deeply held values. Exploring the difference between process orientation and goal orientation. We will spend time on identifying our ‘values paths’ and how to notice and seize the ‘tiny tasks’ that sit along these paths

  • The Transcendent Self – exploring the seat of the soul. Ways to cultivate the connection to the observer, to take perspective in a way that is compassionate, wise and brave

  • Committed Action – choosing values directed action. We will finish our journey by identifying some concrete actions we wish to take. We will create a Committed Action Journal and will plan our action steps.


Eight weeks (2½ hours per week class time plus home practices and readings)

Group size is kept small – eight people maximum

Open to men and women 18+

‘Mindfulness Foundations’ is a pre-requisite for this course

If you are interested please call to discuss times, dates and fees with Briar on 0563898352.

Embody Compassion

This course is about healing your relationship with your body.

This healthy relationship can then be reflected consistently in your daily choices and behaviours about eating, movement and self-care.

What are we trying to achieve

  • Enhanced awareness of, and freedom from, the manipulations and lies about physical beauty, weight and ageing we have been subjected to our whole lives

  • Cultivating a healthy, loving relationship with our bodies

  • Cultivating attitudes to and practices with food that reflect a desire to properly nourish ourselves

  • Increased commitment to nourish ourselves on all levels—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

FSP Connections Course.jpg

What will we target and explore?

  • Our conditioning about what makes us physically beautiful and what weight and shape our bodies ‘should’ be

  • Our past hurts and painful stories about body image and beauty

  • Our unhelpful habits of mind about our appearance, body size and ageing

  • Our use of food to numb, soothe, distract and attack ourselves

  • Our avoidance of certain feelings

How will we do this?

  • Getting educated and aware about the ways we have been manipulated by the media and the consumerist machine

  • Practicing becoming intuitive eaters, rather than controlled

  • Deep discussions

  • Understanding and examining how vulnerable we were when a lot of these attitudes formed and in what ways we are still vulnerable

  • Mindfulness meditation practice and mindful movement to enhance interoceptive awareness. To get properly into the body and be at

  • Experiential exercises from ACT (individual and group) to delve into and develop insight about how we deal with feelings stimulated by our relationships with food, body, beauty and ageing

  • Supporting each other unconditionally and wholeheartedly

  • Redefining our personal concepts of beauty

  • ·Consciously cultivating more self-love—we protect and nourish what we love!


6 weeks (2 ½ hours per week plus home practices and readings)

Group size kept small to create a safe environment and allow depth of discussion (8 people maximum)

Completion of a foundational mindfulness course would prepare you very well for this course, but is not a pre-requisite

Currently open to women only (18+)

If you are interested in knowing more about the course, including times, dates and fees, or have questions regarding its suitability for you, call Briar on 0563898352.

Connections - A Shame Resilience Course

This course was developed by Dr Brene Brown, who’s work on vulnerability and shame is known and respected all over the world

In this twelve-week journey, we will work, through group and individual exercises, readings from Brene’s book ‘I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t): Telling the Truth About Perfectionism, Inadequacy and Power’ and discussion, to recognise shame as a universal human experience. We will learn to embrace authentic, wholehearted living as the foundation of shame resilience

The course covers:

  • Defining shame

  • Understanding and practising empathy

  • Exploring our triggers and vulnerabilities

  • Enhancing our critical awareness

  • Reaching out to others

  • Creating, embracing and inspiring change


Twelve weeks (2 hours per week class time plus home practices and readings)

Open to men and women 18+

An eight-week foundational mindfulness course is a pre-requisite

If you would like to discuss this course further and find out about times, dates and fees, please call Briar on 0563898352


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