meditation - hanging out with your soul

When we meditate we put down the trying. We shift out of doing and into being. We give ourselves that well needed break from all the striving and becoming.

And our mind is just fine with that right?

it just settles right down. 

You know the personal mind? The mind that comments on everything and has been trained to like certain things and not others and to give you a heads up when things are not exactly as they should be. It takes its job, to make everything ok for you at all times, very seriously, the personal mind.

Problem is the world usually doesn’t do what the personal mind tells it to.

Annoying world.

Annoying people.

Annoying feelings.

Annoying body.

Sometimes things line up and the personal mind thinks it’s awesome, we are suddenly in control.


But give it a bit of time.

Actually, we’re not really in control and it’s all just a big illusion. We just got lucky.

And instead of really enjoying the gift of that for a moment we get busy grabbing hold of it and trying to get our other things to line up too.

And on and on and on.


So, our mind, our personal mind, does not want to meditate. It does not want to stop the doing, control seeking, striving, working mode and embrace the being, surrendered, appreciation, experiencing mode.

That’s not it’s job. What might happen if we don’t keep all those balls in the air exactly?

No, the mind definitely doesn’t want to meditate. It might like the idea of mediating and reading the quotes about it and looking at all the instagrammed meditator lifestyle stuff.

It might like talking about meditation and sticking little reminders to be mindful around the house.

It might like putting on the bell sounds in the background or lying down with the app to guide.

These things, it often allows.

But actually stopping? Just being with whatever shows up and observing all that as breath comes in and breath goes out and feet fall asleep and muscles get sore and boredom and restlessness and a million to do’s all rain down?

No thanks, the mind would rather not.


The heart really wants to meditate.

So does the body and actually has no problem with bits of it temporarily feeling certain things.

And, of course, the soul wants to meditate.

The soul wants to stop the whole show and get things back in connection with each other. The soul wants you to just sit still and listen and learn languages other than just mind chat.

The soul wants you to hang out with it.

Just for a bit each day.

It’s like a comfy chair to go sit in and absorb the feeling of paying attention to those other parts – soul, heart and body. And remember who you really are.

That way your doing starts to get better, wiser, less frenetic.

You hear the messages from body and heart with more clarity as you become used to hearing past the chatterbox mind.

And you find compassion for that mind, which was after all just given a job to do.

It’s not the mind’s fault the job is impossible and the training and messages misleading.

It’s just doing it’s best.

So hang out with your soul and you’ll know how to best help it.

Briar Jacques